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WiFi hacker apk to be released this winter2015-04-27
Normal applications pop up like hiccups and are gone long before you notice. WiFi hacker is no hiccup. This is the real steel which will stay at least until Mark Zuckerberg will have grand kids. Fooled by innumerable gimmicks which claim to hack WiFi for free are many people expecting someday some real deal will hit this earth? Those myriad of gimmicks were just trying to "one up" each other with just one aim in mind: increase their sales. Sucking money out of website hits from innocent people is what these gimmick creators are capable of. You can't blame anyone else for the kind of world you are in. But cheer up guys!! This WiFi hacker is a nail in the coffin of other masterful cheaters around the technological world for it just doesn't unveil the password which needs to be unveiled, it does it in a epic ethical graceful way. The grace in this software application is that it is a revolution bringing down the monetary loss of the entire world and bringing down the consistent unethical profits made by the giant looting monstrous telecommunication corporates across the world. The creator of this software made a graceful proposal to the governance of each country bringing to their attention the corrupt methods the telecommunication corporates adopt to squeeze innocent people of their money and how that damage can be minimized because you can never achieve zero corruption in this corruption driven world. All the monetary related problems of connectivity are addressed in this application. WiFi hacker materializes every wish of the people demanding more advancement in technology. Every kid and adult needs network. But when telecommunication corporates loot money off our pockets, Can't we do the same to them? That is the concept behind this WiFi hacker. No more articles and how to hack wifi password YouTube videos when all you need is one click away from download. This application doesn't cost you anything for it will sound ridiculous to charge someone for providing free WiFi. It isn't some rookie wannabe hacker who designed this application per se. 

How to download WiFi Hacker:

It is one of the Microsoft software engineers himself who being a very righteous person couldn't tolerate the unjust done to the innocent people by many apathetic. This Microsoft engineer made this application WiFi hacker with which we can get access to the neighboring network sitting on the huddle of your couch if the bandwidth they could use is unlimited according to their ISP and the router hasn't achieved maximum speed at that point of time. You don't have to experience a pang of guilt as this application is nowhere close to being called as illegal or unethical. You don't have to scowl with frustration if you are having connectivity issues with your router. No need of manually restarting. With just few clicks of the application, you will come to know the real coup is in your hands now. The design of the application itself is a testament to the engineer's articulative coding skills for the application has been viral for over a month now and much to anyone's surprise, WiFi hacker hasn't got any reports of breakdown yet and much more to that surprise, not even a single bug has been identified yet. You can't expect anything less from a Microsoft technology engineer, could you?
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